Learn What to Wear for your Brand Photoshoot Workshop

I'll help you choose clothes that elevate your brand and flatter your body type so they can feel confident stepping into the spotlight on Thursday 3/7 at 5pm PST.

It's Your Time to Shine 

The goal? Photos that elevate your online presence that tell your authentic brand story in an engaging way with photo you actually LOVE the way you look in!

Meet Your Visibility Coach

I’m Trish!

I’m a former celebrity stylist turned brand and marketing expert.

And I’m popping into your life to help you show up unapologetically, attract your soulmate clients, and feel confident being seen

But I wasn’t always this rainbow of style confidence and camera-loving.

I used to be way more comfortable BTS of my life and business. Growing up, I was told to speak less, not take up too much space, be polite, and wear what’s ‘pretty.’ So when I was an adult, I was stuck in this endless cycle of ‘please others and be invisible.’

As the creator of the Batch Wardrobe® and ClaiConfidence™, now, I show other women how to shed the I’m not worthy, so they can own their style, take up space, and expand their audience. 

Because you were put on this planet to be an impactful badass. And I’m not letting you settle for anything less.

Join the What to Wear Photoshoot Workshop

Thursday 3/7 at 5pm PST

Learn how to prep for your next brand photoshoot.

I'll give you a behind the screens look at how I help my 7-figure clients prepare for their brand photoshoots with the Magnetic Brand Framework.

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