I'm Trish Taylor
I See You

…I’m a former stylist to the stars

Rain-lovin’ California girl, Unapologetic Introvert,
Enneagram 3, and Gluten-Free, Chocolate Chip
Cookie Aficionado.

I’m thrilled to meet you right here on your journey because I’ve walked a mile or two in your shoes and learned how to embrace my gifts and get visible (even at the most vulnerable time of my life) while using a unique toolbelt from my background as a counselor, stylist, and former internet shy girl…

And I don't just stand on this soap box...

I actually use those tools too.

My signature method has allowed me and my clients to embody purpose, increase visibility and profitability.

I was using my star-studded career as a shiny, people-pleasing ruler to measure my success because what I really wanted to do, scared me.

For the longest time, I wasn’t comfortable showing up as my truest, Trish-est personality

I was constantly waiting to feel ready.
I’d lie awake thinking about how…

  • fat I felt (I was 70 lbs lighter than I am now), I truly felt unworthy in my body…
  • uncomfortable I felt with any kind of attention (introvert in the house), but I knew that VISIBILITY was a key piece to my purpose puzzle…
  • boring I was; who really cared what this small-town girl had to say…
  • I had no idea where to even start to make this big, huge dream a reality…

I’m grateful for that still small voice inside, because...

One day I heard a whisper.

I was being called to make a powerful shift and I knew needed to do more than surround myself with beautiful crystals!

I had to summon all the courage to start using my voice and showing up – as me. So I said goodbye to my celebrity client list, stopped hiding behind the scenes of my business, and started creating aligned content + serving from the heart.

That's when I noticed a shift. All of a sudden...

  • I started attracting my soulmate clients (women who’d always put themselves last, soul-aligned entrepreneurs who were ready to feel more confident too)…
  • I was comfortable being uncomfortable, for the first time ever, because showing up felt fun and easy (after I threw out the ‘Should-be-doing’ list with the comparisonitis garbage)…
  • I became the woman I wanted to be because I loved myself (fuller body, mind and soul)
  • I finally felt seen as the soulful, stylish, industry expert I was and found sisterhood amongst my peers.

All because I recognized that in order to truly help the people I wanted

I needed to be rooted in a body that I loved and showing up as the real me.

So I said bye-bye to my wallflower status and am now a proud member of the confident, passionate, visible entrepreneur club… and I’m accepting applications!

So, while my days of curating bling for Ariana Grande’s outfit at the VMA’s are behind me…

I’m Rolling Out the New, Digital CEO Red Carpet for you!

Because I know what it’s like to feel stuck and uncomfortable with how you present yourself to
the world…

*cue the style angels singing* and insert my schmancy psychology degree here…
because this is where things start to get fun!

How ‘bout you let me sprinkle a little of my soulful magic on your visibility strategy…

Because while it’s partly about the way you show up, it’s mostly about the way you feel when you’re doing it!

I’m proof you can feel confident on camera in the body, you have right now and build a
personal brand that’s 111% authentically aligned to what you want + need. And I want you
to have that too!

Wanna walk the digital red carpet with me?

I believe in the power of community and raising our collective energy so when you say, “yes, Yes, YAS… I am ready to claim the visibility I deserve!”…

You’re not only inviting an up-leveled transformation into your life, but you’re also bringing your sisters with you because a portion of every service and product I offer is donated to my advocacy partners.

Here’s the raw, uncut, behind the scenes details of my story, I told you that soapbox was more than just a stool to stand on...

Tap below for show and tell!

Question 1

When did you know you had a thing for clothes?

I picked out my very first outfit at 2 years old… I caught the style bug early! It was Easter and I just had to have the white cotton sundress with the cobalt blue tulip print to wear for the festivities - with the matching bow, of course!

Question 2

Why a Celebrity Stylist?

It was all the glitz + glamour my little, small town, girl heart could dream of... I loved the art I created but I had lost touch with my true ‘why’! I wanted to be a stylist because clothes helped curate my self-confidence and I knew I was meant to create more meaningful art than on the red carpet.

Question 3

Did you have a backup plan?

After I left the red carpet… the plan was clinical counseling because I was craving connection. But I ditched the (MA) backup plan when I figured out how to embrace my gifts as a stylist, storyteller, entrepreneur, and empath… I’ve never looked back!

Question 4

Guilty Pleasure?

I have the biggest sweet tooth - I realized I hit an all-time sugar high when I caught my husband hiding peanut m&m’s from me in a just out of reach cabinet because I can’t be trusted to share delicious candy. That was the wake up call I needed... now my daily treat is Organifi Gold!

Question 5

I heard you say that you have a heart-centered business on a podcast... what does that mean, anyway?

I incorporate the 5 love-languages into every client experience, so each of my incredible clients feels - seen, heard, supported, and appreciated! Basically, I want you to feel the love!

Question 6

Something I'd never guess about you?

I am super outdoorsy! I grew up in a tiny mountain town in southern California and LOVE to hike, rock climb and play all day in the lake!

Question 7

Do you have a special someone in your life?

I’m married to my high school sweetheart - and he is the actual definition of a sweetheart! Swoon! He is the most incredible chef (thank goodness, because I am NOT), has the kindest heart (he rescues all the little animals... like a more masculine Snow White) and is my biggest supporter.

Question 8

Quick... Marie Kondo is in your closet and you can only keep one pair of shoes, which would it be?

If I could only have one pair of shoes in my closet, they’d be Birkenstocks… I know, I know - but they are so comfortable and I can totally dress them up! Plus you can’t see my feet on a zoom call lol

Question 9

What would it look like if I teleported into Trish Taylor's home office?

My fluffy doodle is probably by my side snuggle up on the couch... You'd probably find me meditating or journaling while listening to binaural beats and sipping a green juice. My space is dripping with crystals, plant babies (whom all have names) and spiritual business books!  Wait, you too? Did we just become soul-sisters? Let's exchange our fave book recs!

It's been fun dishing all the deets but I want you to know, I’m here to support you!

You are right where you need to be to make a massive impact in this world and it would be my honor to walk beside you on your path!