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What if you could make a huge impact in the world by simply showing up as yourself?

Does your outside align with your inside?

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Showing up and sharing your special brand of magic never felt so good…

I’m here to help you step out of the sidelines and confidently into the spotlight so you can create magnetic visibility and LOVE what you see in the mirror (and in your brand photos)!

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I didn’t realize I was self-editing all the things that made me, ME!

Um, hi, hello, my name is Trish Taylor and I’m a former internet wallflower, social media lurker, comparison junkie, that was too afraid to join the conversation…

My business (and confidence) did a swift turn-around when I finally realized, in order to truly help the people I wanted, I needed to be rooted in a body that I loved and showing up as the real, me.

So I said goodbye...

to my celebrity client list, stopped hiding behind the scenes of my business and started making the impact only I could make. Because these incredible businesses we've created deserve so much more than our fear of failure...

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Ashley Shaw

I LOVED working with Trish. It was one of the best investments in my self-confidence and people starting to recognize me as an online brand. Once you hit a certain level of success, Trish is an essential part of growing your brand and confidence if you want your outside to match your inside!

Social Selling Strategist

Dr. Stephanie Burgos

I felt supported every step of the way. Trish helped me step outside of my comfort zone and I love the way I feel in my photos!

Wellness Coach

Raditia Lasry

Trish made it so easy for me to enjoy the process of showing up authentically. She helped me see that it doesn’t have to feel like a chore, or that I need to do it in a specific way, instead, it can feel like a natural representation of myself. Her tools and recourses allowed me to curate my confidence naturally. I love her approach of embodiment from head-to-toe, inside-out, and embracing yourself as a complete being.

Mindful Being Coach

Be(come)the Most Confident Person You Know...

Getting VISIBLE feels scary because building a personal brand means getting really personal.

Being the center of attention is uncomfortable especially when all the strategies you “should” be doing are getting in the way of you just being yourself.

Well, my sweet friend, this is your invitation to shake free from those limiting beliefs and mix up a fancy marketing mock-tail of soul-aligned visibility….

It's about Aligning What You're Saying, with How You are Showing Up! you can attract people to your personal brand with your magnetic, impact-driven, soul-aligned, siren song!

Ready to Harmonize Your Magnificent Brand Notes?

Be a Walking Vision Board for Your Big Business Dreams...

to harness the magic of authentic connection online in less time than it takes you to steep your morning matcha, sage your office, or smash avocado for your toast…

Showing up and sharing your special brand of
magic never felt so good…

Sit back and let the waves of sisterhood and inspiration wash over you as you watch Ashley Shaw's vision and purpose come to life with her Batch Wardrobe.


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